“Make of your life a dream, and of a dream a reality.” | Antoine de Saint Exupéry


We are a small scale 100% pure Falabella breeder in  The Netherlands. 

Our horses have been carefully selected from proven bloodlines, and are either direct imports from Argentina or their direct descendants. 

All of our horses are parentage qualified based on their DNA, and are registered with both the European Falabella Studbook (EFS) and The Falabella Studbook (TFS).

We do not breed to sell: we enjoy our Falabella's running in the field, and are proud to have bred and owned several GOLD premium winners and European Champions.

It is our ultimate challenge to breed SMALL and HEALTHY Falabella horses, preferably with the very rare and stunning silver dapple colour. 

Our stallion La Querencia Rey has been tested clear N/N on the dwarf gene (ACAN), as well as on Skeletal Atavism, to ensure a solid foundation for our breeding programme. 

Occasionally, one of our Falabella horses becomes available. 

Interested? Please contact us at +31 (0)6 38044062. 

We would be happy to assist you in finding your own dream Falabella horse! 



  • Rey 2017 (silver black)
  • Rey 2017 (silver black)
  • Rey 2017 (silver black)
  • Rey 2017 (silver black)
  • Rey 2017 (silver black)


La Querencia Rey: a unique Falabella black silverdapple stallion! 

Born at our La Querencia Falabella Stud in 2017. Unique because of his rare silverdapple colour AND because of his extremely small size (70 cm!), which is very small for a Falabella horse, and at the same time an important characteristic of the Falabella race. On top of that, Rey also has a very sweet personality. 

La Querencia Rey is a 100% pure Falabella, interesting for his free bloodlines. As a direct descendant of Argentine bloodlines (ACCF), he is DNA parentage qualified and registered and approved at the European Falabella Studbook (FSE/EFS). 

La Querencia Rey is 100% dwarf gene free and free of skeletal atavism (DNA test reports available).

At the moment, Rey is reserved for our own mares exclusively.


  • Madi 2015 (silver black)
  • Jazmín 2013 (silver smoky black)
  • Desmin 2011 (chestnut, homozygous black)


  • Rey
  • Mecha & Jazmín
  • Joya
  • Mecha & Joya
  • Jazmín
  • Chaval
  • Joya
  • Valentina


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For Sale

Unfortunately, we cannot keep them all. Interested in one or several of our Falabella horses? We might be looking for a forever 5*+ home for some of our horses. Just give us a call at +31 (0)638044062!

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La Querencia Valentina (Rey x Madi)
La Querencia Valentina (Rey x Madi)